Mercy offers Miami-Dade County a truly special dimension – a dimension of faith. The hospital’s original and main building structure in the shape of a cross is significant and symbolizes the Catholic tradition of compassionately caring for others. At Mercy, we remain uncompromisingly committed to caring for the physical and spiritual needs of all the people we serve.

Mercy Hospital is a Miami tradition built on faith. Born of a community-wide initiative to expand healthcare services, Mercy has pursued a mission of caring and a commitment to providing quality healthcare services for the people of the metropolitan region and Miami’s international neighbors.

Mercy’s presence on the shores of Biscayne Bay is evidence of a commitment that began in the 1940′s. As Miami’s population grew during and after World War II, there was a pressing need for additional hospital beds in the metropolitan area. The Diocese of St. Augustine, then the diocese for all of Florida, answered the call. The church acquired a large parcel of swampy land south of the Villa Vizcaya and began a fundraising effort that received tremendous support from all of Miami’s residents. Collections were taken door-to-door, in movie theaters and even public schools. Construction began in 1946 and four years later Mercy Hospital opened its doors on December 18, 1950, with 125 much-needed beds. The hospital staff was provided by the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine, who assumed sponsorship of Mercy from the Diocese in 1966.

In 1960, Mercy was the first hospital in Miami to open its doors to Cuban exile physicians, enabling them to rebuild their lives. The following year, Mercy offered free medical care to any member of the Bay of Pigs Brigade.

From the day it opened, Mercy has recognized its role as an important healthcare provider for the community and international patients. Today, it is a leading choice for residents of the Caribbean and Central and South America seeking top quality care and advanced treatments not available in their countries.

As Miami grew, so did Mercy as a comprehensive healthcare system. With each expansion, Mercy has remained true to its mission, maintaining an uncompromising commitment to excellence.