Semester I

Course Number Course Title Credits
NUR 2101 Assessment & Physiological Adaptation 7
NUR 2102 Pharmacology for the Professional Nurse 3
NUR 2103 Introduction to the Professional Role 3
NUR 2104 Pharmacology Math 1

Semester II

Course Number Course Title Credits
NUR 2205 Maternal Newborn Nursing 3
NUR 2206 Pediatric Nursing 3
NUR 2207 Mental Health Nursing 3

Semester III

Course Number Course Title Credits
NUR 2308 Physiological Adaptation & Management 9
Total Escrow credits 9

The above course pre-fixes correspond to the Florida Department of Education Statewide Course Numbering System and are listed to provide the applicant with a reference. Individual college assigned prefixes and actual names of courses may differ.

(The above statement is for pre-requisites only, not nursing courses taught by the college.)

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