The purpose of Mercy Hospital's Continuing Medical Education (CME) program is to provide educational activities to fulfill the educational needs (knowledge, competence, and/or performance) of Medical Staff in an effort to improve the competence and performance of the physicians, resulting in improved patient care.


Specific goals of the program include:

  1. Identify professional practice gap areas
  2. Identify and determine the cause of the professional practice gaps
  3. Provide CME activities in appropriate formats (mostly live activities) to change physicians' competence and/or performance for enhanced patient care
  4. Offer CME courses mandated for state license renewal and Board re-certification

Target audience

While the primary target audience of the CME activities is physicians and residents, activities may also be appropriate for (and attended by) Physician Assistants, Nurses and ARNPs.

Expected results

The expected results of Mercy Hospital CME activities are:

  • Improved physician competence, performance-in-practice and enhanced patient outcomes. While most activities are directed towards competence and performance, when possible we will also assess improved patient outcomes.
  • Continue to provide access to courses required for state license renewal, Board recertification and physicians' needs to address professional practice gaps.

(Revised and adopted January 2018)