The application process requires the following five steps:

  1. Take the pre-entrance exam
    Registration for and payment of the exam occurs directly with the school. A picture ID is required to take the exam. A study guide titled: National League for Nursing Review Guide for LPN/LVN Pre-Entrance Exam, is recommended. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. The pre-entrance exam may be retaken after three months. The maximum number of times the exam may be taken is two.
  2. Complete the application for admission
    Applicants will be considered for admission to the school without regard to age, gender, race, creed, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation or disability providing the disability does not interfere with the attainment of the program objectives.
  3. Submit three letters of reference
    Identify three individuals who have known you for at least two years and have them submit a letter of reference directly to the school.Reference forms are supplied by the school. One of the references should be academic or employment related. Family members may not submit letters of reference.
  4. Submit official transcripts
    Request an official, authenticated high school transcript or G.E.D. test scores to be sent directly to the school. Official High School transcripts/GED Scores and any vocational or college transcripts are required before your application proceeds to the Admissions Committee. High school transcripts from a country other than the U.S. may require translation and validation from a U.S. Department of Education approved provider of these services.
  5. Interview
    The interview will be conducted by the director or designee of the school, after steps 1-4 have been completed. Additional admission requirements include a copy of an active healthcare provider CPR card, completion of a physical examination and specific laboratory tests, PPD skin test, and rubella, rebeola and varicella titers. An alcohol/drug screen and criminal background screen is required for all applicants accepted to the school.

For more information please call (305) 285-2777.