Cristina Santiago, PsyD



It is commonly said that there is a before and after NICU in which your life gains a whole new meaning. Not only do you acquire a new perspective, but you also become part of a family of warriors ready to fight any battle and go the extra mile for you, always staying a step ahead in your child's best interest. Despite all of the hard moments that have made Mercy's NICU nurses witnesses and confidants of our fears and triumphs, when I look back I am very thankful that the shoulder we could lean on and the expertise I trusted continue to be a part of my family and our traditions today.

I hope that Mercy's NICU will continue providing future NICU parents the same guidance, support, strength and cheering on that my husband and I received on both separate occasions our sons were there. Lisa and Yani are true angels that brought peace to our journey when faced with the most difficult path we have ever had to navigate.